* Membership Categories & Subscription Rate

Type of Member


Admission fee

Yearly Subscription


Life Member

New Life Membership (age below 45)

Rs. 10000 *

Rs. 45000* (one time)

New Life Membership (age 45 &above)

Rs. 10000 *

Rs. 35000* (one time)

Retd. Rly. Officer (more than 60 yrs.)

Rs. 10000 *

Rs. 25000* (one time)

Retd. Rly. Officer (more than 70 yrs.)

Rs. 5000 *

Rs. 10000* (one time)

Retd. Rly. Officer (more than 80 yrs.)



Regular Member


& Retd. Rly. Officer

Rs. 10000 *

Rs. 10000 *

Rs. 4500*(Yearly)

Rs. 3000*(Yearly)

Associate Member

Children of Rly. Officers

Rs. 50000 *

Rs. 7700*(Yearly)

* Membership Fees & other Fees are excluding GST @ 18%.
** Regular members opting to become life members will not be required to pay admission fees.

***(Admission Fee + yearly subscription to be paid in advance for new member)
Cheque should be in favor of "The Railway Club", S.P.Marg, New Delhi-21

Rules & Regulations

  1. Regular/Life Club Membership is restricted to Rly. Officer of Serving & Retd. JA Grade & above only.
  2. Membership of Spouse/Children/dependents shall be as per pass rule only.
  3. Document in support of Rly. Officer is to be submitted alongwith the form.    
  4. Admission fee + Yearly subscription to be paid inadvance except for Life Membership.
  5. Please attach one individual stamp size photographs of self, spouse & children for issuing identity cards    

For details on rules and regulations, Click here